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Top Ten Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

A salt water pool is not just a place to relax or beautiful scenery in your yard. It comes with more benefits that are both healthy and economical to the users as well. Therefore, before taking the decision to have your pool built, take the time to appreciate the benefits associated with the various pools then make a choice. If you would like to get an affordable salt water pool quote Orlando contact us today to find out why we are the top custom pool construction company in Orlando. Many Custom Pools Orlando have been converted over to Salt Water for the following reasons.

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Good for the skin 
Usually, going to the spa takes quite an investment of your time and finances as well. However, you can have the benefits you draw from the spa at your disposal at your own home. Salty water has its benefits, ranging from soothing the skin, since the salt doesn’t irritate the skin, smoothening it and also helping in skin disorders such as eczema and acne. 
Stress reliever 
Stress tenses the muscles and reduces your productivity. However, a dive into a salt water pool will help you relax your muscle and sooth them relieving all your stress, and you are energetic and productive once again after swimming. 
Good for the joints 
Salt water is rich in bromine, this is good in helping relieve aches, pains, and soreness more so those are deeper in the muscles and joints; hence facilitating recovery. Additionally, you can move easily within the salt water as you recovery easily and through the buoyancy created by the salt water. 

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Exercise is good for your everyday health. As you swim, you exercise your muscles more through every stroke, as you concentrate on your breathing as well. Swimming is also enjoyable, enabling you to burn calories while at the same time having fun as opposed to the exercise you would perform in the gym. 
A salt water pool is much easier to maintain as opposed to a chlorine pool. Initially, the investment may be a bit much since you need to purchase a salt cell generator, but in the long run, the costs are much affordable, making maintenance costs much low. 
Fewer side effects 
Different people have varying reactions to exposure of different components. In some cases, someone may be unable to breathe well in an over-chlorinated pool; while others may experience reddening of eyes, and skin irritation, which isn’t the case with salt water pools. 

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Safer than chlorine 
Chlorine is quite dangerous to be it in storage or transit. Moreover, it causes irritation to the skin, among other conditions associated with contact with chlorine. Similar to ozone pool construction Orlando, this can improve the experience to people using custom swimming pools Orlando.  This is good because chlorine is very rough on the human body.  However, salt water is soothing and even much healthier compared to chlorine making it a safer option for pools. 
The salt in salt water pools acts as a source of convertible chlorine. The chlorine is used to disinfect the pool making it always sanitize for use by everyone. 
Source of chlorine 
The salt in the salt water pools provides a continuous supply of chlorine. Hence there is no need to keep replenishing the supply which could hurt the users. 

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When chlorine levels are low, unhealthy by- products are released. These cause a lot of irritation to the skin, eyes and even lungs. However, with the continuous replenishment of the chlorine in salt water pools, a conducive swimming environment is always maintained. Knowing the benefits of a salt water pool, would you consider having one in your home? 

Salt water pools offers a lower maintenance and safer alternative to normal chlorination in swimming pools. 

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