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Top 10 Benefits of Installing a Solar Power Pool Heater

Pool heating is never considered a luxury but rather a necessity. Research indicates that the more you swim, the less stress you get, and health and happiness doubles up. Most of the swimming pools only operate during the summer since the other seasons are cold and will need the energy to heat the water. A solar power pool heater will help customers swim comfortably under their desired temperatures. The following are some of the benefits of installing your pool with a solar power heater. If you would like to get an affordable solar power heater quote for your gunite pool construction Orlando contact us today to find out why we are the top custom pool construction company in Orlando. Many Custom Pools Orlando have been converted over to Solar heating for the following reasons.

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Solar power is a basic form of renewable energy. A solar heater panel converts heat from the sun to electrical energy, which in turn supplies heat to your swimming pool. Solar heaters reduce the need for fossil fuels and the emission of nitrogen dioxide released in the process of burning fossil fuels. It also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As a result, installing solar power pool heaters reduces the effects of global warming and climate change. Contact us today to see why we are the most affordable  pool Builders Orlando.

Good Return On Investment
Research shows that the equipment lasts for up to a period of 20 years whereas its electrical or gas counterpart lasts for only five years. It makes sense to have a heater that last as long as your gunite pool construction Orlando. Moreover, there are no other monthly costs of operation because solar energy is freely available and renewable. This in the long run increases the return on investment and profitability. Give us a call for the most affordabe Orlando pool construction quotes.

Energy Efficiency
A solar power pool heater works with the pool pump you already have thus making it the best energy efficient option. The pool pump supplies water to the solar collector to be warmed by the sun and back to the pool. The other forms of pool heating have low energy efficiency compared to solar heaters.

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Cost Effective
Researchers recommend that swimming businesses and owners should consider replacing other options with solar pool heating because it is the most cost effective way of utilizing solar energy. It costs between $3,000 and $4,000 with a payback of about 2-7 years after which you will be able to heat your pool freely for the rest of its lifespan.

Require Less Maintenance
Within its lifespan, a solar power pool heater requires little or no maintenance while a gas or electric heater needs regular and annual maintenance costs. Your gunite pool construction Orlando is already efficient why not make it moreso? Gas heaters are troublesome and can be damaged by rodents, rust or rain and diagnosing/repairing them is expensive especially after the warranty is up.

Durable and Reliable
A solar power pool heater has no internal wiring, circuits, controls or moving parts. There is no rusting and can last twice as much as other forms of pool heating. It is ultra-reliable since there is nothing to ware out or break.

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Easy to Install
Gas or electric pool heaters require plumbing, gas or electricity with experienced personnel who charge a lot of money per hour. On the other hand, you can Do It Your Own (DIY) within a very short period. What you need to do is to secure the panels on the roof or rack with other hardware using simple hand tools that can be bought locally.

Solar Energy is Free
Sun rays is non-taxable neither is it sold. You can convert it to heat your swimming pool by installing a solar power pool heater. This reduces the electricity and fuel bills that you would have otherwise incurred when using electric or gas pool heaters.

Offers Quality Time With Family
Installing a solar power heater in your swimming pool enables you with your family to enjoy warm and luxurious water all year round with temperatures above 80 degrees. Your kids will largely enjoy swimming while giving parents time to undertake other activities.

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It Uses a Clean Energy Source
Doctors and other health professionals recommend the use of solar power pool heaters because they have no health effects. The pumps have no contamination and can be used in case of power loss.

Solar Heaters on your custom gunite pool offers a lower maintenance and operational cost than other heating methods while also lengthening your swim season.

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